Reclaim Your Weekend, Rediscover Sunday


What Weekends Were “TGIF!” At our house, the weekend typically started Friday night. Time to shut down, make dinner as easy as possible, and call it a week. Saturday was the day to sleep in, relax, be lazy. The kids would watch tv or play video games, reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons when I was […]

Internet Free: 30 Days of Digital Detox


It was Friday, May 17th, 3:00 pm and I had just shut off Wi-Fi. Combined with my latest purchase, a flip phone that would have been cool ten years ago, I was internet free for the next 30 days. Even though that last unopened email gave me great pause (Nordstrom Men’s Shop Finely Crafted Oxfords), […]

Cigar Conversations


I saw him earlier, but now Matt says he’s taking pictures of us. Six Foot five pushing 300 lbs. Maybe he likes to take ‘before’ pictures of his victims. He’s dressed only in black leather. Matching black bandana on his head. Thanks to his huge dark sunglasses (obviously essential in a dimly-lit room thick with smoke), […]

Take your 5-year-old to the Avengers!


Ok wait. Don’t actually do that. Unless you are okay tolerating a little too much violence for a great life lesson. Last night my wife and I took our 5 and 7-year-old boys to see the Avengers and here are the lessons learned: 1) Don’t listen to people without kids about what’s okay for kids […]