The Banker

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Surprisingly warm for a banker, Alan Lane grew up in a household that believed in earning your keep without losing the joy of the keep. Under the mentorship of his dad, Alan and his brothers could drive a car, but only if they maintained it, insured it, and filled it up themselves. Alan would carry […]

The Purple Heart Janitor

Mack Interview Still

Samuel “Mack” McFall. He’s a decorated war veteran. A Husband of fifty years. A fisherman who can’t eat seafood. Retired Master Sergeant Sam McFall, “Mack” as he’s known by many, has lived a life of challenge and reward. His three purple hearts make him a hero but Mack says his true reward comes from his extended family and the […]

The Pirate Deacon


Deacon Patrick Lappert, MD He’s a successful plastic surgeon and recently ordained Deacon… but he’s never finished high school. Born in Venezuela, his family immigrated to the States ending up in San Francisco where his father ran a liquor store business. Dr. Lappert learned the restaurant business, before dropping out of high school to live in a UPS truck […]

The Mountain Guide


Kurt is the founder of Sierra Mountaineering International. He has been a professional mountain guide since 1986 and has 100+ major expeditions to all 7 continents on his resume including three successful ascents of Mt. Everest in 1995, 2008 and 2012. He is also one of the few American mountaineer’s to climb Mt. Everest by […]

The Comeback Kid and His Son


The classic California entrepreneur, the stacks of cash, the adventure travel. You’ve probably heard a story like it: brassy self-made success. But what happens when our hero’s lungs fill with blood and open-heart surgery drives him to lose it all? Joe Ski didn’t realize the Federal agents were storming through his office. He was rolling […]