The Banker

Surprisingly warm for a banker, Alan Lane grew up in a household that believed in earning your keep without losing the joy of the keep. Under the mentorship of his dad, Alan and his brothers could drive a car, but only if they maintained it, insured it, and filled it up themselves. Alan would carry this philosophy into his own family.

Growing up Catholic, faith was and is important to Alan. He met his future bride, Debbie, at a drivers ed class and saw her regularly at church and youth group. After getting to know her better, he asked her out and they were married at the tender age of nineteen. Suddenly the huge responsibility of marriage was on Alan’s shoulders. Five children would follow.

Alan wanted to instill in his children the same work ethic and love for God that his dad had given him. It would prove a challenge to build a comfortable life for his family while not undermining the duties of fiscal responsibility and charity toward the church and others.